This page consists of links and descriptions of projects that Danielle has worked on.

     The Four Amigos is a web series that follows four roommates as they deal with everyday situations in ridiculous ways. This was a collaborative project that won the 2013 BEAC (Broadcast Educator's Association of Canada) Award for Best Web-Based Production.

     Danielle was a co-creator, a writer (ep.5), and the director of photography.

     The Takedown is about Kyle and Greg who lose their jobs at Scrapmart. They assemble an army of former disgruntled employees to wage war on their former boss: Fran Lewis. They'll go to any length to make her lose her mind just in time for a visit from the district managers.

     Danielle wrote and directed this project. 

     Out with Dad follows Rose through her realization that she is gay, and her coming out to her dad and how he deals with it.

     During the third season of production, Danielle had the amazing opportunity to fill various roles such as data management technician, camera/lighting assist, post-production syncing, and even camera operator (when needed) for her third year internship.

     One More For The Road stars Jeff Sinasac and Lindsey Smith as a married couple going on a road trip to rekindle their marriage leading to disastrous results. 

     Danielle was the 1st assistant camera as well as the data management technician on set. 

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